MS760B Paris 11B



  • 1961 Moran-Saulnier MS760B Paris 11B

    1961 Moran-Saulnier MS760B Paris 11B

    $99,000 USD

    Aircraft is presently equipped with
    the standard original avionics.
    This includes dual nav coms,
    Twin-Engine, Pure Jet, Pressurized, Four-Place,
    High Performance Executive Jet Aircraft.
    This aircraft was one of the
    The engines have been overhauled at the turbomecca factory in france. and have less than 200 hours on each one. The is no TBO on these engines ,however the combustion basket usually should be changed at around 1400 to 1600 hours. Other than that if the engines are running good and you have oil pressure your good to go with no time restrictions. Aircraft disassembled and stored at Bridgeport Ct.


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