Single Engine Aircraft


1998 JONES WILLIAMS GLASTAR, TT 1351, SMOH 1351 hrs SFOH Compressions, Lycoming O-360-A1A 180 HP, SPOH 670 hrs MTV-15-B C/S propellor, One blade damaged in prop strike repaired by MT, First flight 3 Jun 98. 1351 total time 1351 hours a/o 6/19/22, Annual 6/14/22

Year 1998
Reference Number 8329
Airframe Time 1351
Engine S.M.O.H. 1351 hrs SFOH Compressions, Lycoming O-360-A1A 180 HP
Propeller S.P.O.H. 670 hrs MTV-15-B C/S propellor, One blade damaged in prop strike repaired by MT
Avionics PS6000M audio panel w/ marker beacon
KX-155 nav/com
Apollo SL60 GPS/Com
KT76A transponder
ELT remote switches
GDL82 ADSB center console mounted, transmit only, not tested yet
Aux power plug-below panel
Sir mag compass
Clock- Davtron Chronometer
Vacuum gauge-1
Pilot headset jacks
Primer-below panel
Attitude ind
CDI- KI209 w/GS
Turn CoordinatorC
Apollo 360 Map- used as "sketchy" moving map for SL60
Switches- mag/start, Alt/bat,10 system switches including lights, fuel transfer (2), avionics
Strobes and one spare
Alternate static air- below panel
Equipment First flight 3 Jun 98. 1351 total time 1351 hours a/o 6/19/22
Annual 6/14/22
EI engine instrument package
US-8 Eng Analyzer (temps)
FP-5 fuel management- flow, pressure, used, remaining, alerts
M-1 manifold pressure
R-1 rpm- tac, flight time, total time
OPT- oil press/temp
VA-1 volts/amps/alerts
Fuel gauge- L/R for main tanks
Trim position gauge
Dimmer switch
Circuit breakers- 20
Passenger headset jacks
Aux audio input
Cabin heat control
Throttle- push/pull
Prop control- vernier
Carb heat- push/pull
Parking brake- note: Added after photo taken
Glare shield-aluminum covered with gray aircraft vinyl material and edged with black vinyl channel
Remarks Cabin:
Leather seats- backs fold forward and are adjustable
Fuel selector- four position center forward of seat
Hooker seat belts and shoulder harness with inertia reels
MAC stick grips with trim and other switches. Only pitch trim and PTT switches are used
Stick trim control to rocker select switch mounted on console
Map lights- two center overhead
Finished pilot and passenger floors- ¼" ply
Pilot and passenger air vents-eyeball type
Baggage floor- flat with six tie-down rings
Aux power receptacle mounted in bulkhead A
ELT and battery behind bulkhead A aft of baggage area
Door locks- Pilot, passenger and baggage
Minimal upholstery in cabin area. Inside surfaces painted white
r- 60 amp. B&C L60
Voltage regulator- B&C L3. Aft of BH-A
Battery- Concorde, aft of BH-A
Whelen strobes and nav lights. Control box aft of BH-A
Wigwag LED light in left wing
Main gear-600x6 Cleveland wheels and brakes. Brakes relined at annual
Tail wheel- Scott 3200, 8” tire and HD springs
Aileron servo tab-mechanical
Fuel: Main fuel- 15 gal tanks at wing roots. Aux fuel- 10 gal tanks in outboard wing bays
Header tanks- 1.5 qt each side of cabin. Total fuel- 50.75 gal.
Useable fuel- 47 gal.
Flush gas caps
Com- internal- aft of BH-A
VOR/ILS- external below horizontal stab
Transponder- external under cabin floor. Garmin ADSB unit feeding transponder antenna.
ELT- internal aft of BH-A
GPS- SL60- top of cabin
GPS- Handheld inside cabin
ADSB antenna -top of cabin
Cabin cover- Bruce
Wing & horizontal stab covers
Jumper cables, and bulkhead mounted plug
Cowl plugs
Pitot cover
Oil vent drip collector
Plastic crate for oil, cleaners, towels, chocks, tools, etc.
Extra case of Philips 20/50
Extra gray vinyl material
Misc hardware- screws, bolts, nuts, washers, cotter pins,jigs etc.
Right magneto
Bilmar/Clamar straight fiberglass floats and associated hardware
Left mag Slick w/impulse coupling
Right mag replaced w/Lightspeed ignition
EGT/CHT all cyl.
Prime all cyl.
Ignition harness- Champion
RV baffles
M20 air-oil separator
Brackett Air filter
GE landing light
Oil cooler
Wigwag LED light mounted in left wing
Exterior White with red, grey and blue trim

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